• Required document below
  • QID or visa copy .
  • Three recent passport size photos.
  • Eye test (electronically updated)

Eye test facility available at our premises which is approved by (MOI) charged QR.50/-.

  • Multi Language Facility
Instructor Arabic English Hindi Tamil Malayalam Bengali Telugu Singhalese
Male   .   .   .   .  .   .   .   .
Female .     .            
  • General Terms & Conditions:
  • Must be Eligible profession mention on QID which sponsor under company, it not applicable for person sponsor.
  • Age must be 18 years old completed for light vehicle and 21 years complete for heavy vehicle.
  • Eye test should be taken from (MOI) approved optical center’s through. (electronically updated)
  • Must be specifying on eye test time if wear specs.
  • Conditions apply for the half course beginners must provide the country driving license and required to get approval from traffic department.
  • All Condition according to our contract, in order to Traffic department Rules & Regulation.

Drives test chances are approved by (MOI) traffic department.

  • Transportation Facility.
Details Area/Location Fees Remarks
Full Course Selected QR. 450/-  
Half Course Selected QR. 350/-  
Special Refer our Transport Division