Driving Test

There this three kind of exam attend by students which conduct by Traffic Department (MOI), Signal (Theory), Parking and Road (Street).  Be aware these Dresses code should be formal wear,  not allowed with bed smelling.  


After issuing a certificate by holoteg fit for exam, appoint a date for signal (theory) exam, twenty question automatically raised by computer system out of eighteen replied success   get pass.

(Please note unlimited chance for Signal Exam if any cause of failure)


Parking two type exam for Light vehicle ( L & Pocket Parking) and for the Heavy ( L Parking) only, while training If find fit for exam, academy get appointment for parking exam.

(Please note unlimited chance for Parking Exam if any cause of failure)


After parking exam get success only allowed for the road exam. When getting to vehicle obey the order of examination officers’ direction, for the road exam mainly you have concentrate on below mentioned five points while driving on exam.

(Please note only two chances for Road Exam if any cause of failure)

  • Use the Seat Belt.
  • Use the Triangle Mirror.
  • Stop and Starting while driving on road.
  • Hand Break release and using.
  • Focus and Attention while driving.
  • Vehicle Control.
  • Appropriate Speed Control
  • Maintain distance in between space.
  • Overtake and Skip.
  • Follow up Signal and Traffic Sign.
  • Aware about Track changing.
  • Test chances (Light/Heavy Vehicle)
Exam Theory (Signal) Parking Road (Final)
Tries Unlimited Tries Unlimited Tries Only 2 Tries

Above drives test chances are approved by (MOI) traffic department.