• Required document below

  1. QID or visa copy & passport copy.
  2. Three recent passport size photos.
  3. No objection through online (Metrash2) from sponsor.
  4. Eye test (electronically updated)

Eye test facility available at our premises which is approved by (MOI) charged QR.50/-.


  • Multi Language Facility

Instructor Arabic English Hindi Tamil Malayalam Bengali Telugu Sinhalese




  • General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Must be Eligible profession mention on QID which sponsor under company, it not applicable for person sponsor.
  2. Age must be 18 years old completed for light vehicle and 21 years complete for heavy vehicle.
  3. Metrash 2 must compulsory local citizen and the foreign residence holder as well.
  4. Eye test should be taken from (MOI) approved optical center’s through. (electronically updated)
  5. Must be specifying on eye test time if wear specs.
  6. Conditions apply for the half course beginners must provide the country driving license and required to get approval from traffic department.
  7. All Condition according to our contract, in order to Traffic department Rules & Regulation.
  8. Drives test chances are approved by (MOI) traffic department.